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City of Forts

Jason Beech vrača udarec: na njegovem blogu “Messy Business — Books, Writing, Stuff” odgovarjam na vprašanja. Uvod v intervju je čisto poseben, pogovarjava se neposredno po izvedbi ropa … Hvala, Jason.


You Have the Right to Remain Silent … Renato Bratkovič

We’re doing fifty up a rain-slicked hill road in the Slovenian countryside. I came here to interview Renato Bratkovič, but the cheeky beggar has pulled me into his gold heist. The sun is out now, and it beats hard. The bus we use has no air conditioning and a hot breeze blows through the open windows. We slip and slide and ram the cop cars who chase us.

“This is an old-fashioned kind of robbery, don’t you think?” I say.

His other men scowl at me. If I’m not here to help then why don’t I jump out the window and down the cliff?

“I mean, internet crime is the safe way nowadays.”

Renato pulls a pipe and sticks it in his mouth. Out the side of his mouth he says, “How do you think I bought the bus?”

The driver rams a cop car which managed to get by our side and turns it dysfunctional.

He lights the pipe and puffs. “This is the way to do a real robbery, Beech. If we get away I’ll feel we’ve earned it.”

Intervju je v celoti objavljen tukaj.

City of Forts

City of Forts

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