Don’t Try This At Home, a collection of 9 noir short stories, published by Genija. It’s still available for FREE.



Take a deep breath and count to ten… One. Two. Three. Four… I can feel my heart pounding in my head… Five. Six. Seven. Eight…
I assess the situation through the crack in the bathroom door one more time—nine, ten!—, kick it open and jump in.

High Midnight, a transgressive noir short story, appears in the Anthology published by VegaWire Media along with over thirty stories written by some of the greatest crime writers. BUY the book on Amazon.



Bogie’s adjusting his ass on the barstool and trying to catch the nice looking waitress’ attention. He knocks on the bar every now and then and calls Miss!, but she just doesn’t notice him. There’s a big bundle of banknotes peeking from one of the pockets of his coat and the long package from the other.

The Tie is a noir short story from Don’t Try This At Home and it was published by Artizan as a bilingual single, or as we call it, a double – BUY the book on Amazon.



It’s hard to be a superhero! Jumping around from one roof to another, flying in the air, throwing around criminals, risking your life to save lives and property of the people, who don’t even think to thank you at the end, you know …
He brings his cigarette up to his mouth with the trembling hand, inhales passionately and strokes his hair – with that hair and beard he’s more Jesus than Batman.

The Tribe is a noir short story inspired by the protest movement in Slovenia – it was again the privilege to have a story featured among some of the finest noir authors of today. It was published by the Blackwitch Press. BUY the book on Amazon.


It’s one of these days again that I mainly spend sitting with my feet on my desk, joggling nervously with my fedora and forcing myself not to stand up and leave the office, although the opening hours aren’t over yet and I could use a client or two … But there aren’t any.

Dorian from the pictures is a classic story about the detective, who is hired by a cheated wife … or is it? It was published by Artizan as a double – BUY the book on Amazon.


I’m taking a shower, she says when we get back from the New Year’s party, kicks off her shoes and disappears into the bathroom. I take off my shoes and pour us a whiskey. I poke in the fireplace to wake up the lazy fire, and throw in another log, which is immediately hugged by a thankful flame.

You’re not sitting in two chairs is another Don’t Try This At Home shorts: a writer with a writer’s block is interrogated by his wife about his affair – every time he denies it, we witness a scene that proves she’s right, and he can’t write … until the end.  It was published by Artizan as a double – BUY the book on Amazon.