Od Lune pijan / Drunk On the Moon

by bratkovski

When you get the chance to translate a work by an author you admire, two things happen – first, you’re immensely happy (drunk even), but right after that you become scared shitless.

Will you do the author justice? Will you capture his style and the essence of his writing or will his writing sound like your writing?

Well, I guess I’ll know this soon enough, but I am glad that Paul D. Brazill has trusted me to introduce his Werewolf detective Roman Dalton to Slovenian readers.

I did my best and I believe that the story sounds as great in my mother tongue as it does in English. The minimalistic cover captures the noir feel of the story and it was beautifully designed by Artizan, a Slovenian ad agency and publishing house I run with my comrades, which was also the publisher of this great story. Check it out!

Od Lune pijan / Drunk On The moon