Visiting The City That Never Sleeps

by bratkovski

When the friend of mine asked me if I wanted to visit New York with him at the beginning of April, I said Yes, of course. I always wanted my photo taken next to the famous Bar sign of the Kettle Of Fish, where some of the Beats drank beer. I wanted to see Mad Men Maddison Avenue. But above all I wanted to visit Brooklyn, where Hubert Selby’s painfully beautiful stories take place. I wanted to taste American beer and touch the American soul. I love the diversity of races there and the unfaked kindness of people I met.

The day I had to go back home, I met the multitalented Eddie Vega, the writer, editor, translator and photographer, who was very kind to invite me to submit one of my stories for his Noir Nation 3 anthology last year. As I was going to present the book at a literary event in Slovenska Bistrica, our meeting was a great opportunity to take our photos, but he also guided me through the Last Exit To Brooklyn scenery, took me to a couple of Irish pubs (Irish Haven and Soccer Tavern) and a China restaurant, told about how Brooklyn had changed recently, and kept introducing me to people as “Renato, a talented writer from Slovenia”. He actually made me feel like a talented writer from Slovenia.

The visit was too short, but the experience was great, and when there’s another chance to get back there, I won’t think twice. And who knows, I might use the experience to set one of my future stories there.

Here’s Eddies short report called Renato Bratkovič in Noir Brooklyn.

Eddie Vega in Irish Haven

Eddie and me at the Irish Haven (Scorsese’s The Departed was shot there)

Eddie Vega's toast with a tasty pint of Guinness

Eddie Vega’s toast with a tasty pint of Guinness

Eddie messing where he shouldn't be messing

Eddie messing where he shouldn’t be messing