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It’s All True, Isn’t It?

It's All True

So my first book in English for your kindle is out. It’s All True is a collection of eight transgressive and noir stories. Three of them (The Tie, You’re Not Sitting On Two Chairs! and High Midnight) were previously published in my first collection Ne poskušajte tega doma (Don’t Try This At Home, 2012) in Slovene, and later appeared in English: High midnight in VegaWire Media’s Noir Nation 3, The Tie and You’re Not Sitting On Two Chairs! as bilingual singles, so called Artizan Doubles on Amazon. Dorian From The Pictures also exists as a Double on Amazon. The Tribe was published in Exiles: An Outsider Anthology (Blackwitch Press) and Washed In Blood was my contribution at the first Alibi’s workshop. Fat Fatale and Bicycle Thieves are the freshest and have not been published yet, except online.

Dorian From The Pictures
A woman hires a detective to follow her cheating husband. He knows her husband. He knows hi too well.

The Tie
An advertising writer is fired and gets a tie as a reward for his contribution. Unfortunately this is not the worst thing that is going to happen to him.

Fat Fatale
An overweight teen confesses her unusual sexual practices to the social worker – she wants to try one more thing.

You’re Not Sitting On Two Chairs!
A writer has a writer’s block, plus his wife finds out he’s been cheating on her. He denies everything, of course.

The Tribe
The professor’s activism causes the rise of the wall around The City and he ends in the psychiatric hospital, but his followers haven’t abandoned him. A policeman has to get as much information from him as possible.

Washed In Blood
He said the first time was the hardest. To kill a guy, for instance. The second time it becomes routine.

High Midnight
A modern version of Oedipus Rex, written as a test, how far I dare to go writing in the first-person singular. Pretty far, I guess.

Bicycle Thieves
What happens when a guy rides a bike to rob a post office, and finds out his bike was stolen in the meantime? Well, visit Amazon and find out. 🙂

Od Lune pijan / Drunk On the Moon

When you get the chance to translate a work by an author you admire, two things happen – first, you’re immensely happy (drunk even), but right after that you become scared shitless.

Will you do the author justice? Will you capture his style and the essence of his writing or will his writing sound like your writing?

Well, I guess I’ll know this soon enough, but I am glad that Paul D. Brazill has trusted me to introduce his Werewolf detective Roman Dalton to Slovenian readers.

I did my best and I believe that the story sounds as great in my mother tongue as it does in English. The minimalistic cover captures the noir feel of the story and it was beautifully designed by Artizan, a Slovenian ad agency and publishing house I run with my comrades, which was also the publisher of this great story. Check it out!

Od Lune pijan / Drunk On The moon

Business Model Design – a great resource for a serious businessman trying to create a business model

Well, it’s out – Business Model Design, a great book written by Marko Savić, a business designer, design thinker and independent researcher. Its content was created around his blog and his Business Model Design workshop, which I also took part in last year. I was honored to be the editor of the book It was neatly designed and illustrated by Polonca Peterca. Check it out … Or even better – buy it!

Business Model Design

Business Model Design

Business Model Design

Business Model Design

Business Model Design

Business Model Design

Business Model Design

Bistrica Noir 2

As Bistrica Noir 1 event received quite some attention, in June we had another one, Bistrica Noir 2, at the Na Placu Youth Center, which proved to be a very nice place for literary events too.

I was interviewed by Aljoša Tarandek, and I read The Tribe, my short story that appeared in the Exiles: An Outsider Anthology – a charity anthology published by the Blackwitch Press (a Paul D. Brazill’s publishing venture), where all the money goes to the Marfan Fundation.

My writing has now a purpose!

Bistrica Noir 2

Bistrica Noir 2

Bistrica Noir 2

Bistrica Noir 2
(Noir photos by Marjan Kurtanjek)

Bistrica Noir 1

My first literary event Bistrica Noir 1 took place at the local library in Slovenska Bistrica. I presented Noir Nation 3, international crime fiction anthology published by VegaWire Media and edited by Eddie Vega.

The event was moderated by Mojca Plaznik, the librarian responsible for literary events. I had to answer some relevant questions for the audience to get to know me and my work, as I was pretty unknown here where I live.

I read High midnight, the story that appeared in the anthology (among more than thirty great crime writers) and at the end I presented my latest short – they were both well received.

The local media introduced me as “the greatest literary discovery in the local culture scene” – sounds pretty cool, huh?

I donated the signed copy of the book to the library at the end.

Bistrica Noir 1

Bistrica Noir 1

Bistrica Noir 1

Bistrica Noir 1

(Photos by Nino Verdnik)

Visiting The City That Never Sleeps

When the friend of mine asked me if I wanted to visit New York with him at the beginning of April, I said Yes, of course. I always wanted my photo taken next to the famous Bar sign of the Kettle Of Fish, where some of the Beats drank beer. I wanted to see Mad Men Maddison Avenue. But above all I wanted to visit Brooklyn, where Hubert Selby’s painfully beautiful stories take place. I wanted to taste American beer and touch the American soul. I love the diversity of races there and the unfaked kindness of people I met.

The day I had to go back home, I met the multitalented Eddie Vega, the writer, editor, translator and photographer, who was very kind to invite me to submit one of my stories for his Noir Nation 3 anthology last year. As I was going to present the book at a literary event in Slovenska Bistrica, our meeting was a great opportunity to take our photos, but he also guided me through the Last Exit To Brooklyn scenery, took me to a couple of Irish pubs (Irish Haven and Soccer Tavern) and a China restaurant, told about how Brooklyn had changed recently, and kept introducing me to people as “Renato, a talented writer from Slovenia”. He actually made me feel like a talented writer from Slovenia.

The visit was too short, but the experience was great, and when there’s another chance to get back there, I won’t think twice. And who knows, I might use the experience to set one of my future stories there.

Here’s Eddies short report called Renato Bratkovič in Noir Brooklyn.

Eddie Vega in Irish Haven

Eddie and me at the Irish Haven (Scorsese’s The Departed was shot there)

Eddie Vega's toast with a tasty pint of Guinness

Eddie Vega’s toast with a tasty pint of Guinness

Eddie messing where he shouldn't be messing

Eddie messing where he shouldn’t be messing

Author Blog

This is it – I have an author blog in English!